City Manager's Corner

Team Choctaw, 

Continued subjects for your information….

The Waste Water Treatment Plant should be complete and on-line by the end of July. The new plant has the capability to handle close to 1 million gallons a day and a much more efficient process for processing sludge. The City will realize a savings of 2 positions to reallocate to the Water Department to assist in day-to-day maintenance and water line projects. The treatment plant is sized to handle the projected growth of Choctaw over the next 20 years or so. Other cities that have this same system have realized cost savings in chemical use and manpower with a slight increase to electricity usage. Another sewer project that will have a positive impact is the plan to extend sewer service from the Police Department, which is currently on an old septic system, to almost the corner of 23rd & Hiwassee. Extending sewer to this area will open up the possibilities for commercial development. The City is also looking at the possibility of getting water to this area. Currently city lines end at the Car Wash on 23rd Street. 

Sidewalks, as a city grows, become more and more important for the walk-ability and safety of citizens as they get from one place to the other.  In fact, the new standard from ODOT is when a new road is replaced or put in, it will have sidewalks.  Sidewalks are not flashy, but the city has been working with the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG) organization for multiple grants for roads and sidewalks.  One of the grants is about to come to fruition as the City has moved far enough up the priority list to get a sidewalk grant around Harper Road and N.E. 23rd Street. ODOT is proposing the sidewalk to start just south of the railroad tracks on Harper Road and go north crossing 23rd Street. The sidewalk will be installed to serve the pedestrians along Harper and/or N.E. 23rd Street. This project is to connect the Downtown area and provide a safe crossing at that intersection.  This is the first step to connect with the elementary and middle school.  ODOT and staff have plans to apply for a second grant that would connect the Harper Road & N.E. 23rd Street intersection to Choctaw Elementary and Choctaw Middle Schools.  This has been in the planning stages for many years and will eventually link the Middle School to the Choctaw Creek Park with an identified safe walking path.  We should be able to start the project in late 2020 or early 2021, pending no shortfalls in funding or other unexpected problems. 

The last item, and I noticed the line locate truck out at the Cemetery this morning, is fencing.  As I hope some have noticed, the city-owned house to the north of the Cemetery was demolished, creating a nice space for either a future pavilion or cemetery parking.  Along the road we are putting in a nice white fence to enhance the look of the cemetery.  The fence will run the length of the cemetery, adding a quaintness to our hometown cemetery.  The new sign will be impacted and will move in front of the new fence.  Just some of the small improvements that enhance the livability of our city. 

Other “Gee Whiz” items:  The Golf Course Country Club Restaurant is open 7 days a week now.  Hours of operation are 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM.  Additionally, as staffing increases, the restaurant will look at an earlier opening for breakfast.  Occasionally at the Caboose Park on 23rd Street, Amici’s, an Italian food truck, will be seen—stop in for Italian sandwiches, fries, and other unique food items.  They are there a couple days a weeks after 4PM. 

Your City Manager,

Ed Brown

--posted May 3, 2019